Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Best Friend

You have friends and then you have best friends, mine is a guy named Mitch, me and Mitch started out the way most best friends do... by hating each other. After spending more time with him than my parents due to Marching Band, Jazz Band, Drum Line, Winter Percussion and hanging out. All of that in one year and we've been doing this for three years. Plus all the time before any of the bands started we hung out.

Mitch is the kind of friend you can tell any joke to, talk to about girls and things. I have know this kid before he started to date, once he did it creeped me the hell out. How could my best friend like a girl that much, I had girlfriends before he did but he never seemed interested, he wasn't gay just didn't have time.

Now it has come to a point in my life that I value my friends more and more each day. Mitch is still my best friend.


  1. best friends have fights. i know this because when we do fight physical or verbal. we cant stay mad at each other. ever.

  2. My best friend Brandon is really cool. We've had some pretty awesome times when we hung out.