Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Places You'll Go

I have been juggling things in my life for a long time, like a 40 something clown you has just realized he hasn't done anything I have hit a wall. I feel everything I do smothers out after awhile except for a few. One is playing the drums, the other two are video games and creating things.

I have been playing drums for 5 years now and music for 7 years. I started on Piano and went to drums when I realized that is was in-fact the coolest of instruments (behind the kazoo and pan flute). I have played on many sets from Mapex to Peavy, Ludwig and Yamaha. I have played drums older than my mother.

Video games is the one thing that really gets me away as much as music does. I have been playing since before 2000 (that's more than 10 YEARS!) Most kids today started on a Playstation 2, I started on an old (you guessed it) Nintendo 64. I had it all, Mario, Donkey Kong, Duck Shoot. You name I have played it. I have since gone through Playstation 1, 2, 3 and Xbox 360 as well as a Nintendo Gameboy Advanced, DS and a Wii. I also game on the computer as well as iPod. My top four games in no particular order (hard list) are following: Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, World of Warcraft (face palm) and Oblivion. Honorable mention includes Call of Duty (1-MW2) (Yes, I have had every one) as well as Half Life 2.

Creating things are the driving force in my life. I love to create art, write, make music, create video game ideas, role play, build legos, customize things. It all started with a single lego kit way back in Arizona. It was a motor cycle and eventually would turn into a boat after I had tinkered with it. Tinkering and Hacking (the good kind) are both fun. I have used a Wii Remote, Xbox and Playstation Controller on a Computer.

This is the story of me, my life and how it almost never works